Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Columbus Day/Thanksgiving Map Project (Preschool-early Elem.)

 We did Columbus Day activities as part of the homeschool group for 3-4 year olds we participate in once a week. His usual teacher was away, so another parent and I took the class. We read stories about Columbus, looked at and touched a sandpaper globe, and made this fun map as an art project. Kudos to Mrs B for creating it!

It would work very well for Thanksgiving and studying the Pilgrims as well.


brown paper with outline of Old and New Worlds
blue, green, and brown paint
Paper "ship" to "sail"

How to do it:
 Paint the "New World" brown, the "Old World" green, and the ocean blue. Glue the paper ship on the ocean, or let child move it from Europe to North America.

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