Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Create an Activity Box for homeschooling preschool-kindergarten

You find the element of fun,
and snap! the job's a game.
~Mary Poppins (film)

My son loves his activity box. It's just an old recipe box I re-purposed for our activity box. But it's his, and it means a lot to him.

He feels like he can have control over what he choses to do when. At the same time, since I organized it, I know these activities are things I want to do with him. It's also special to him because he knows if he pulls a card out he'll get to do an activity with me, one-on-one.

If it continues to be a success I will use it again next year for PreK and very possibly for kindergarten as well. Cards would just have the kindergarten subjects/activities on them instead of the preschool activities from Flowering Baby.  

I put labels on it, one for each day of the week. At the beginning of the week I write an activity on an index card with a little drawing indicating what the activity is since he can't read yet.

When he wants to do an activity, or I want to do one with him, he opens up his box and chooses the card he'd like to have us do together.

It's really simple
  yet it gets the job done.

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