Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby Babbles 1

Having a new baby in the house is wonderful. Sure, it's as exhausting as I remember from the first time. Yes, activities with T are a little different right now since F arrived. But we're all so happy!

With the addition of my sweet daughter F the blog gets its own addition: a new corner devoted to all things baby. Baby Babbles! Baby Babbles will feature some of the activities we do together and highlight anything baby. Who knows what all will appear in this series?

Photo 1: visual tracking exercise. Slowly we moved a rattle in front of F. My favorite to use is the black/red/white which isn't pictured. We watched as she moved her eyes and even head tracking the rattle. It's so exciting to see my 2 week old grow a little more aware of her surroundings with each passing day.

Photo 2: Activities this week are all revolving around seeing how F responds to various stimuli. You notice even T got involved as he showed F an "instrument" he constructed (our current theme is music). She seemed fascinated by the sound the rubber band made as he strummed it. Babies are such fun!

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