Monday, February 18, 2013

Preschool Fun: catching up

Little girl is here. You'll see her mentioned on here as F. We couldn't be happier. T is seemingly loving everything about his sister. He's a big help, too.

T meets baby F

 Some highlights! Activities we've been doing. Linking up to the Preschool & Kindergarten Corner!

Science and Math:

Land / sea creatures sort.

 Make a large heart on the floor. Geometry!  

Motor Skills:
 Decorate a gingerbread house!

 He loved trying to shovel snow.

Building with his new construction set.

Of course, writing on the magnadoodle is always a hit too.

Enjoying the snow:

Listening to Dinotopia and Mr Popper's Penguins on audio at rest time.

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Jennifer Kochert said...

Congratulations on your new baby girl! Wow-look at that snow. We are from Florida, although its been chilly (below freezing a couple nights) our flowers are blooming already!!