Monday, February 10, 2014

Night Wakings

Sometimes it's impossible for a mom to sleep through the night.

But that's ok.

Sometimes after a really long day and you're ready to put the kids to sleep they're so wound and tired themselves they take even longer than usual to fall asleep.

But that's ok.

Sometimes just as you close your eyes and start to drift you hear a wail.

But that's ok.

Sometimes you wish you really could nap in the middle of the afternoon.

But that's ok.

Sometimes in the wee predawn hours, after you've already been up once with the toddler, big brother bursts through the door to tell you about his bad dream.

But it's ok.

Sometimes you're awoken by a cry of "Mom, I woke up and can't get back to sleep!" Later after putting your own small child back in dreamland you lie awake yourself wishing for your own mommy to help you fall back asleep. You wonder if she wished the same thing as you lie there, awake in the dark as you should be sleeping.

But that's ok.

Those middle of the night song, snuggles, and stories are precious. 

To a mom that makes these sleepless nights more than ok.

We love.

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