Friday, February 14, 2014

Reading List 12-24 months

There will be some overlap in this list, the preceding list for infants, and the following list for toddlers. This list includes our favorite and our dislikes. Hopefully it will give you a few ideas.

Check back at least monthly. F only turned 1 in February 2014 so this is ever growing.



Vincent's Colors
This is a book I checked out for my almost 5 year old. To my surprise is actually my 1 year old who most enjoys it. The book features beautiful color photographs of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings. They are accompanied by a lilting text of descriptions quoting Van Gogh himself. Quite creative.  The book is hardcover,  not a board or cloth book, so be aware.

Monet's Lilies
I have an entire blog post devoted to this one. A touch and feel book with rhyming text. In the back are two pages with more information for the parent.

Global Babies

This book is stunning! Perfect for any baby or toddler 3 months through three years. Features photos of baby faces from all around the world.

DK Touch and Feel series
With a wide variety of titles there's sure to be a favorite.  Each touch and feel book's pictures are actually photographs making the books more interesting.  Has titles like Farm, Kitten, Playtime, 123, etc.


-not every book is a hit-

Little Miss Austen Pride and Prejudice
I'm sorry. I just can't get into these. The artwork has nice contrast but both unrealistic and unremarkable. The literary value is gone. In fact it really has no story at all. Events are out of order. If you took a bunch of stills from the P&P film and highlighted a certain number of people or things in the still that'd be another matter entirely.  This is not a good way to introduce your young bibliophile to famous literature.  It's written more for the fan than baby. If you want baby to learn counting and be introduced to the cultural literacy road there are better ways.

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