Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making tactile (sanpaper) letters

I made some sandpaper letters! Only, I didn't end up using sandpaper. But I got the nice bumpy texture and the shiny contrast color!
Non-scissors-dulling Tactile Letters.

I used:

wood tablets I found in the wood craft section of Hobby Lobby. One for each letter of the alphabet, or two for each if you want to do upper and lower case.
gold glitter glue (if you do it my way; if not, you'll need to buy sandpaper and cut the letters out of it to glue on the tablets)
blue tempera paint
red tempera paint
an alphabet style to copy

How I did it:

First I had to remove the sticker from the back of each wood tablet. Then I painted the consonant tablets red and the vowels blue. Right now, at this stage in my son's educational career that doesn't matter, but later on it will help things according to the Montessori ideas of teaching reading/writing. When dry I carefully traced an outline for each letter on the tablet, aiming for correct formation and similar size. Didn't turn out perfect but I got it close enough! :) Opening up the gold glitter glue I trace each letter outline. Finally I let the tablets sit on the counter overnight so the glitter glue would set.
In the morning, I found as I'd hoped: the glitter glue had set leaving a nice bumpy letter T can trace with his fingers (and later copy). He enjoys them and I'm very happy with the result. :)
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