Friday, August 12, 2011

A Toddler Works On Numbers & Jumping

For these activities I used:
Paper with numbers written on them, large
Styrofoam cups or some other large counter
An active, willing toddler

Here's my toddler busily working again!

First I had him place the numbers in order starting against the wall.

The next step was to place them in order from left to right. 

Changing our "left to right" pattern around into a road, he jumped from number to number, attempting to land on each piece of paper rather than the carpet. While jumping he called out each number. For an extension we also worked on trying to hold up that many fingers. Challenge for my 2 year old right now! 

Then I thought "why not use our styrofoam cups as counters on the numbers?". So T busily worked on placing the correct number of cups over each number. He also enjoyed stacking them again and knocking them over.

It's amazing how much fun a 2 year old can have working with paper and styrofoam cups!

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