Friday, October 14, 2011

Global Babies: A Stunning Baby Faces Board Book

Babies love looking at baby faces. It doesn't matter if that face is their own in a mirror or another baby's picture on a computer screen or in a book, they just love faces. There are charming photo books on the market for young babies with pictures of faces. What makes this one different is its approach.

Global Babies is just that- pictures of faces of babies from all around the globe. What a way to introduce the smallest babe to the idea that there are all kinds of babies, but we are all people. Certainly they won't grasp that concept fully. While flipping through the pages of "Global Babies" they will be exposed to babies who live in different cultures. Babies who are all beautiful and loved just as your own baby is loved. 

The photography is interesting and beautiful. Even my 2 1/2 year old enjoyed looking at this simple board book. He's started noticing the details in the pictures "Mama, what's this?" This is a book that should be in every home and would make a lovely addition to any "first book" collection.  

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