Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do, Toddler Edition

Our theme for now is "Loving your neighbor". Today something happened to T that was an excellent example.

Today at church a little girl walked across the room to T, reached out, and gave his cheek a big, finger-nail-digging-into-skin, unprovoked, pinch. Then she walked away. It left an angry welt on his cheek just below his eye. "Ice! I want ice!" he cried.

Later this afternoon, he randomly- lightly, not even leaving a mark- pinched my arm.
 "Why?" I asked. "Did you like it when A pinched you or did you cry?"
"I cried. Ice!" he replied.
"It hurt, didn't it? If you didn't like being pinched, do you think you should pinch?"
He gave me a hug.
Well, just us.

Monkey see, monkey do.