Friday, October 14, 2011

Play With Whipping Cream

Last Tuesday we had friends over for dinner and enjoyed sweet potato pie with whipped cream. Ever since T has been begging for more whipped cream. Why, this very morning when I asked what he wanted for breakfast he marched over to the refrigerator, opened the door and grabbed the bottle of whipped cream. Um, no. Sorry T, but that may sound good for breakfast, but it's a treat. He ended up choosing something else instead.

Later I decided T needed to have some fun with that whipping cream he wanted so badly. Why not use it to make pictures, or practice writing? So after his afternoon nap I grabbed the few necessary items and let him have at it.

What you need:
A cookie sheet or jelly roll pan or large plate
Whipping Cream
A willing toddler or preschooler
Napkins or towel to clean the mess

What to do:
Simply spray or spoon whipping cream on a plate. Let your child dig in and explore. Or play a "copy me" game where one of you draws a shape or number or letter etc into the whipping cream and the other draws the same thing.

It's loads of fun and very yummy! Enjoy!

Besides whipping cream (or shaving cream), what other messy fun finger play/art does your little one enjoy?


grace said... i too old for this? i think not. :)

Lisa said...

Neither am I, Grace ;) :)

Lisa said...

I love it. It's the simple things ;)

Lisa said...

It really is, Lisa!

Modern Mommy said...

Paint...Play-doh, my daughter loves them all...Following you via blog hop, follow back please :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for following Modern Mommy! Yes, anything with an interesting texture is perfect for keeping little one's attention. Guess I never grew out of it either, because I really enjoyed the whipping cream too!